Filmography as : Director, Actor, Producer, Writer, Editor,Cinematographer, Miscellaneous Crew.

Director Filmography
(2011) (2010) (2009) (2008) (2007) (2006) (2005) (2004) (2003) (2002) (2001) (2000) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)

1. LOST GIRL (2011) TV series (Anna Silk, Kristen Holden-Ried, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins, Lauren Holly) SYFY/SHOWCASE.

2. TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL (2010-11) (4 episodes) TV Series (Alex House, Maggie Castle, Jason Mewes) (episodes “Rock N’ Roll Zombies Know Best”, “Cockfight”, “Jungle Fever” and “iPerv”) SPACE CHANNEL/CTV.

3. SWAMP DEVIL (2009) Feature (Bruce Dern, Cindy Sampson, Nicolas Wright) SYFY CHANNEL & RHI FILMS NEW YORK (HALLMARK).

4. BLACK SWARM (2008) Feature (Robert Englund, Sarah Allen) SYFY CHANNEL & RHI FILMS NEW YORK (HALLMARK).

5. SOMETHING BENEATH (2007) Feature (Kevin Sorbo, Natalie Brown, Peter MacNeill) SYFY CHANNEL & RHI FILMS NEW YORK (HALLMARK).

6. BLOOD TIES (2007) (4 episodes) Vampire TV Series (Christina Cox, Kyle Schmid, Dylan Neal, Gina Holden) (episodes “Post Partum”, “Drawn & Quartered”, “5:55”, “We’ll Meet Again”) LIFETIME TV.

7. PAST SINS (2006) Feature (Lauralee Bell, Rebecca Jenkins, Woody Jeffries) LIFETIME NETWORK – AIRED JULY 2 2006.
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8. STARGATE: ATLANTIS (2004) (episode "Childhood's End") MGM TELEVISION/SCI FI CHANNEL Primetime.
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(Pilot & multiple episodes) (2006) Kids Series BBC/DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

"NATURALLY, SADIE" (multiple episodes) (2005) Kids Series (“Year of The Dragon” and “Double Jeopardy”) DISNEY & FAMILY CHANNEL.

"Gene Roddenberry's ANDROMEDA" (10 episodes) (2000-2004) TV Series (Kevin Sorbo, John de Lancie, Lochlyn Munro) (episodes "Banks of The Lethe", "The Pearls That Were His Eyes", "The Sum of Its Parts", "A Heart For Falsehood Framed", "Last Call at the Broken Hammer", "Double or Nothingness", "Machinery of The Mind", "Attempting Screed", "Pride Before the Fall EPISODE 100" and "Past is Prolix") Tribune Entertainment. NUMBER ONE IN SYNDICATION IN OPENING SEASON.
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12. "Gene Roddenberry's EARTH: Final Conflict" aka "BATTLEGROUND EARTH" (7 episodes) (2000-2002) TV Series (Kevin Kilner, Margot Kidder, Michael Sarrazin) (episodes "Dark Matter", "Boone's Awakening", "Boone's Assassin", "Termination", "Guilty Conscience", "Legacy", "The Journey") Tribune Entertainment.
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Return of William Boone
Gene Roddenberry's EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT Video Clip
Margot Kidder episode

13. "BODY & SOUL" (multiple episodes) (2002) TV Medical Series (Peter Strauss, Currie Graham, John Ashton) Pax Entertainment/ABC

14."DINOTOPIA" (2 episodes) (2002) TV Series (Jonathan Hyde, Lisa Zane, Terry Jones, Eric von Detton) (episodes "Handful of Dust" and "Night of The Wartosa") ABC NETWORK/HALLMARK ENTERTAINMENT. Filming for Primetime on location in BUDAPEST, HUNGARY.

15. Mary Higgins Clark's HE SEES YOU WHEN YOU'RE SLEEPING (2002) Feature (Erika Eleniak, Cameron Bancroft, Greg Evigan) PAX Christmas Movie.

16. "Call of The Wild" (2000) TV Series (Nick Mancuso, Sarah Jane Redmond, Kavic) (episode "Molly Brown") Animal Planet/Cinevu/Team Entertainment.

17. Merlin (1999) (Jason Connery, Deborah Moore, Gareth Thomas, Graham McTavish)
aka Merlin: The Magic Begins (1998)
aka Merlin: The Quest Begins (1998)
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18. Don't Look Behind You (1999) Fox TV Movie (Patrick Duffy, Pam Dawber)
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19. "Twice In A Lifetime" (10 episodes) (1999 - 2001) TV Series (Patrick Duffy, Michelle Phillips, Markie Post, Bruce Boxleitner, Earle Hyman, Daniel Baldwin, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Jere Burns, Brent Carver, Al Waxman, Lance Kinsey) (episodes "Match Made in Heaven", "Old Flames", "Pride and Prejudice", "The Trouble With Harry", "Fallen Angel"/Second Season Premiere, "Matchmaker", "Hard Knock Life", "War of the Poseys", "Moonshine Over Harlem" and "Then Love Came Along") Pax TV/CTV
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20. "NightMan" (1998) TV Series (episodes "Fear City", "People's Choice", and "Gore")
aka "Night Man" (1997) (USA) Tribune Entertainment

21. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) (Power Rangers Sequel) 20th Century Fox
aka Power Rangers II (1996) (USA: working title)
aka Power Rangers Turbo: Race to the Volcano (1996)(USA: working title)
aka Power Rangers the Movie 2 (1996) (USA: working title)
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22. One of Our Own (1998) (Currie Graham, Michael Ironside, Peta Wilson, Frederic Forrest)
aka Denver PD Part One (1997) (USA: working title)
aka Reasonable Force (1997) (USA: working title)
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23. Exception To the Rule (1997) (Sean Young, William Devane, Kim Cattrall, Eric McCormack)
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24. "Breaker High" (1997) TV Series (pilot and first 6 episodes)
(episodes "Radio Daze (series pilot)", "Mayhem on The Orient Distress", "Kenya Dig It", "Pranks For The Memories", "Sun Ahso Rises", "Belly of the Beast" and "Rooming Violations")

25. "Dead Man's Gun" (1997) TV Series (episode "Black Widow") (Daphne Zuniga) Disney/Showtime

26. Profile for Murder (1997) (Lance Henriksen, Joan Severance, Jeff Wincott)
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27."Goosebumps" (1995) TV Series (episode "... It Came From Beneath the Sink")
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28. "Sweet Valley High" (1995-97)
TV Series (11 episodes) Fox aka "Francine Pascal's 'Sweet Valley High'" (1994)
(episodes "Reading, Writing, Rescue", "Totally Cueless", "Imperfectly Fit", "Shred Reckoning", "Mondo Chill", "Much Ado About Nachos", "Down By Whitelaw Pt.1", "Down By Whitelaw Pt.2", "Skiing is Believing", "Swingtime" and "Animal Rights & Wrongs")

29. "Matrix" (1993) TV Series (episode "False Witness") USA Network

30. "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (1993-95) TV Series (10 episodes) Nickelodeon
(episodes "Locker 22", "Dream Machine", "Shiny Red Bicycle", "Dollmaker", "Watcher's Woods", "Long Ago Locket", "Quiet Librarian", "Unfinished Painting", "Dream Girl" and "C7")
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31. Killer Image (1992) (M. Emmet Walsh, Michael Ironside, John Pyper-Ferguson, Krista Errickson)

32. "Street Justice" (1991-92) TV Series (7 episodes) (Carl Weathers, Pat Harrington Jr., R. Lee Ermey, Collin Raye) (episodes "Parenthood", "Catcher", "Country Justice", "Angel of Death", "Innocent Blood", "A Sense of Duty", and "Hello... Again") Cannell Films

33. "Neon Rider" (1992) TV Series (episode "Straight Home")

34. Storm (1987) (David Palfy, Stan Kane, Thom Schioler, Harry Freedman, Lawrence Elion, Stacy Christensen) Cannon/Warner
Storm 20 Reunion - 2003

35. "Friday the 13th: The Series" (1988-90) TV Series Paramount
(episodes "Sweetest Sting","Scarlet Cinema", and "Jack In the Box")
aka "Friday's Curse" (1987) (UK: repeat compilations title)

36. "Profile" (1982) TV Series

37. "All Star Comedy" (1982) (TV) (uncredited) Pilot

38. Sequence (1980) (Stan Edmonds, Brad Fernie, Penny Chalmers, James Hutchison)

39. Game Over (1978) (Paul Brown, Scott Harley)

40. Visitors, The (1977) (Gordon Merrick)

Actor Filmography
(2000) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)

1.Cameras Rolling: 20 Days on Set (1999) .... Himself
2.Profile for Murder (1997) (uncredited) (voice) .... Boyfriend on Answering Machine
3.Storm (1987) (uncredited) .... Young Jim .... (uncredited) (voice) .... Radio Announcer
4.Superman III (1983)
(uncredited) .... Commuter

5.Storm: In the Making (1983) (TV) .... Himself
6.All Star Comedy (1982) (TV) .... Phil Donahue, Rod Serling, Primitive Man, Others
7.Game Over (1978) (uncredited) .... Body In Elevator .... (uncredited) Voice on Tape Machine
Producer Filmography
(2000) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)1.Cameras Rolling: 20 Days on Set (1999) (executive) (uncredited)
2.Killer Image (1992)
3.Storm (1987)
4.Sequence (1980)
5.Game Over (1978)
6.Visitors, The (1977) Writer Filmography
(2000) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)

1.Killer Image (1992)
2.Storm (1987)
3.Sequence (1980)
4.Game Over (1978)
5.Visitors, The (1977)

Editor Filmography
(2000) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)

1.Killer Image (1992)
2.All Star Comedy (1982)
(TV) (uncredited)
3.Game Over (1978)
4.Visitors, The (1977)

Cinematographer Filmography

1.Game Over (1978)
2.Visitors, The (1977)

Miscellaneous Crew Filmography

1. "Twice In a Lifetime" (1999) TV Series (creative consultant)
2. Don't Look Behind You (1999) (TV)
Fox TV Movie (additional writing) (uncredited)
3. Killer Image (1992) (supervising editor)

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