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6 September 2003. Storm's 20th Anniversary celebrated at the Uptown Theatre, Calgary, Canada. Present for 30 minute Q&A after the screening were most members of the original cast & crew. Storm: In the Making (1983) also screened before the feature. Original photography on this award-winning suspense/drama took place August 22 - September 20, 1983 in Bragg Creek and Calgary with a total budget of only $72K (CDN). After screening at the Cannes Film Festival, the debut feature was released by Cannon International in April 1988 and by Warner Home Video in 1989; selling over 20,000 cassettes -- The film launched many careers and received several rave reviews; among them from Jay Scott, Globe & Mail, Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times as well as Hollywood Reporter, Toronto Star and CNN. See below:
Click photos to enlarge -- PHOTOS BY MICHAEL KEVIS

(Calgary Herald Press)

Bill Campbell (film editor), Stan Edmonds (makeup), David Winning (writer/director), Thom Schioler (BOOKER)

The Marquee outside the Uptown Theatre, Calgary, Canada. 09/06/03

David Palffy (LOWELL) with moderator Sharon Adams, CSIF

Stan Edmonds (makeup) with Thom Schioler (BOOKER)

Stan Kane (JIM), Harry Freedman (BURT) and Lawrence Elion (STANLEY)

David Palffy (LOWELL)

Bill Campbell (film editor), Stan Edmonds (makeup), David Winning (writer/director), Thom Schioler (BOOKER)

The panel: Bill Campbell, Stan Edmonds, David Winning, Thom Schioler, Stacy Christensen, David Palffy, Stan Kane, Harry Freedman, Lawrence Elion, Andrew Jaremko (2nd unit director of photography) and Per Asplund (location sound)

Stacy Christensen (COBI) with David Palffy (LOWELL)

STORM Trailer:
STORM (1987)
Cannon International
Warner Home Video
starring David Palfy, Stan Kane
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