PRECINCT   (20M) action feature, scheduled to shoot in New Jersey and New York in August 2024.  When a mysterious sniper terrorizes the city, lonely Detective Jesh Peterson becomes -- the hunter being hunted.  Pacific Film Trade.  Producers: Christopher Blackwell, Thomas Sjölund, Jason Burke Sutter.
CRAZY HORSE AND CUSTER  in development, an original limited mini-series.  Two celebrated warriors face off at the climactic moment of one of the most famous events in American history. Producers: Christopher Blackwell, Alison Green, David Ladd, Peter Israelson, Tom Clavin.
BRANDED  (6M) thriller drama.  Border town cops cover up a murder only to discover the victim is an FBI agent on the lam for stealing half a million dollars from a human trafficking ring.  Writer: Jeff Stolhand. Development.
   GHOSTS OF ODESSA  (8M) scifi horror thriller.  Something is wrong with Odessa; The Russian fleets Typhoon-class nuclear cruising submarine lies dead on the ocean floor. When the sub is found mysteriously resting one thousand feet below the Pacific, a group of soldiers doing time in a federal prison, are sent in to learn more.  CON AIR meets THE ABYSS. Writer: Jim Makichuk.  Option.