May 16, 2021 by: James Hutchison - What do cannibals feasting on blood-thirsty vampires in Van Helsing and lonely singles finding love in Hallmark’s A December Bride have in common?  They’re just two of the many stories director David Winning has brought to the screen.     FULL INTERVIEW
THE VANCOUVER SUN January 16, 2021 by: Dana Gee - Busy Hollywood North keeps Canadian director on home soil.  Director David Winning's resume is an impressive mix of Hallmark happiness and Van Helsing vampires.
CALGARY HERALD December 10, 2020  by: Eric Volmers - Christmas Cheerleader:  Calgary expat David Winning is the go-to guy for holiday TV movies.
TV GUIDE ARTICLE November 2019  How Hallmark Took Over TV
BRIOUX.TV Hallmark’s Summer Night’s list: Another Winning effort tops Hallmark’s Summer Night’s list
The Canadian Press July 26, 2019 by:  Bill Brioux - It's Christmas in July on many Canadian movie sets as Hallmark boosts production
Vancouver Province December 12, 2018 by: Eric Volmers - Calgary Director has become Mr. Christmas.  Sci-fi and horror veteran David Winning finds an unlikely niche with feel-good holiday fare.  Article
Calgary Herald December 7, 2018 by: Eric Volmers  - Mr. Christmas: How Calgary filmmaker David Winning found a niche with wholesome, holiday TV movies
COLOR IMAGES OF ARTICLE       Calgary Herald   Vancouver Sun Dec 11 18
Calgary Herald January 8, 2015 by: Eric Volmers - Mutant Invasion  Strathmore location transformed into post-apocalyptic, smalltown Middle America     Front page  Article  Article
Calgary Herald November 29, 2014 by: Eric Volmers  - Calgary native David Winning directs Christmas TV movie
New York Times (US) November 21 2014, by: Mike Hale, "'Christmas Under Wraps' Among Top 5 Holiday TV Movies"     Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 21 January 2012, pg. C6, by: Eric Volmers, "Calgary Director gets shot at a Succubus"
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 15 August 2009, pg. D1, by: Eric Volmers, "Calgary filmmakers celebrate creativity"
Calgary Herald" (Canada) 19 January 2009, pg. D1, by: Eric Volmers, "Hollywood's Hired Gun"
Article - Full Article - Page Two
"Santa Monica Mirror" (USA) 20 November 2008, Vol. 10, Iss. 24, by: Nunzio Fazio & David Katz, "Let the Bidding Wars Begin"
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"Variety" (USA) 7 October 2002, by: Tamsen Tillson, "'Birds' flies off with Directors' Guild Canada awards"
"Canadian Press" (Canada) 16 August 2002, pg. E2, by: John McKay, Canadian Press, "Directors Nominate Calgarian; David Winning a contender"
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"Calgary Sun" (Canada) 16 April 2002, pg. 49, by: Sun Staff, "Director Honoured"
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"Vancouver Province" (Canada 12 March 2000, by: Lynne McNamara, "Home Boy"   Article
"The Vancouver Sun" (Canada) 4 December 1999, by: Alex Strachan, "Second Chances a Winning Proposition"
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 26 March 1994, by: Bob Blakey, "SHOWCASE PRIME TIME: Ghosts galore as kids try scaring each other"    Article
"Calgary Herald Sunday Magazine" (Canada) 13 January 1991, by: Brian Brennan, "Winning Ways"
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1 - Article
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4 - Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 16 October 1990, by: Wendy Dudley, "City shows its heart to filmmaker"      Article
"Calgary Sun" (Canada) 4 October 1990, by: Louis B. Hobson, "Being Bad is Good for Actor Ironside"
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 18 February 1990, by: Wendy Dudley, "Friday the 13th: Director, Series a Winning Combo"  Article    PHOTO
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 18 December 1989, by: Wendy Dudley, "Video Wins Raves in LA"    Article
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Calgary Herald" (Canada) 27 November 1987, by: Fred Haeseker, "Winning Streak" Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 27 November 1987, by: Fred Haeseker, "Action Thriller Promising Debut for Filmmaker"      Review
"Hollywood Reporter" (USA) 3 November 1987, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canada"
"Calgary Magazine" (Canada) September 1987, by: Linda Kupecek, "The Winning Way"
Article 1
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Article 3
Article 4
"FLARE Magazine" May 1987, by: Linda Kupecek, "Winning Ways" Bachelors   Article
"Saturday Night Magazine" (Canada) May 1987, by: John Colapinto, "Bright Lights: In Suspense"
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Additional Press
1979 - 2004

"Calgary Sun" (Canada) 16 August 2004, pg. 30, by: Lisa Wilton, "Calgarian Enters Stargate"
"Vancouver Sun" (Canada) 11 August 2004, pg. C4, by: Lynne McNamara, "Winning's Atlantis Will Premiere on Movie Central"  Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 24 July 2004, pg. C1, by: Editors, "Calgary Director Flying High"
"New York Times" (USA) 16 July 2004, by: Virginia Heffernan, "Atlantis Mystery Is Solved; Now, About the Wormhole"
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"Gauntlet, The (University of Calgary)" (Canada) 4 September 2003, pg. 34, by: Jeff Kubik, "Weathering the Storm"
"Fast Forward Calgary" (Canada) 4 September 2003, by: Jason Lewis, "Filmmaking 101: David Winning's top ten ways to save money while making his first film"
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" Calgary Herald" (Canada) 30 August 2003, pg. ES1, by: Shelley Boettcher, "A Creative Storm"      Article
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"Reel West Magazine" (Canada) February/March 2001, pg. 9 & 30, by: David Winning, "Beginnings"
Part 1 - Part 2
"Calgary Sun" (Canada) 24 February 2001, pg. 42, by: Kevin Williamson, "Winning Streak: Calgary Director gets chance of a Lifetime"
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 22 February 2001, pg. B11, by: Bob Blakey, "Chances Of A Lifetime" Article
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"Toronto Sun" (Canada) 19 January 2001, pg. 51, by: Claire Bickley, "Twice In A Lifetime Finale Rewritten"
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"Toronto Star" (Canada) 17 March 2000, pg. C12, by: Jim Bawden, "Carver Convincingly Troubled in Rare TV Outing" - Article
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"Hollywood Reporter" (USA) 23-25 July 1999 by: Joan Van Tassel, '"Don't Look Behind You' - Review" Article
"Edmonton Journal" (Canada) 28 August 1998, pg. C3, by: Marc Horton, "Canadian Action Movie Looks Too American"
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 16 April 1997, by: Canadian Press, Editors "Calgary Director Wins first Film Prize" Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 5 April 1997, by: Paul Gessel, "Spielberg Looks to Canada"
"Star Phoenix, Saskatoon"  (Canada) 1 April 1997, Edmonton, Canadian Press, "Albertan enjoys chance to direct Power Ranger film"     Article
"Calgary Sun" (Canada) April 1997, by: Canadian Press, "Winning Earns Honors"
"Vancouver Sun" (Canada) 16 April 1997, by: Canadian Press, "Calgary Director wins Houston Prize"  Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) April 1997, by: Canadian Press, "Calgary Director Wins First Film Prize"
"Los Angeles Times" (USA) 28 March 1997, by: Kevin Thomas, "Power Rangers Encounter 'Turbo'-Charged Villainess"
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) "Calgary Herald" (Canada), 22 August 1996, by: Canadian Press, "Calgarian's film to premiere at Montreal Festival"
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 2 August 1996, by: Ken McGoogan, "You Can Go Home" Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 2 July 1996, by: Damien Inwood, "Enfant Terrible? Sean Young has a tough edge, but motherhood has mellowed her."    Article
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 25 March 1992, by: Fred Haeseker, "Bad Boy Mike steals Killer Image" Article
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"CNN Showbiz Today" (USA) 17 February1989, by: Dennis Michael, "Storm: Video Review"      Article bottom quote
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 18 January 1989, by: Wendy Dudley, "Calgary filmmaker brings horror to TV"     Article
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 19 January 1987, by: Fred Haeseker, "Local production's a wrap as final scenes are shot"    Article
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"Hollywood Reporter" (USA) 24 December 1986, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canadian to Direct Cannon Feature"
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"Hollywood Reporter" (USA) 18 March 1986, by: Linda Kupecek, "Canada"
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 9 March 1986, by: Canadian Press, "Storm tops Movie Awards"
"Kingston Whig-Standard" (Canada) 15 January 1986, by: David Barber, "Canadian Film is Good Effort for an Inexperienced Director"
"Vancouver Sun" (Canada 31 December 1985, by: Marke Andrews, "18 Films Compete for Genie Honors"
"Ottawa Citizen" (Canada) 15 November 1985, by: Noel Taylor, "Usher turns Filmmaker to tell Sly tale of Greed" Article
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 20 October 1985, by: Don Truckey, "Directing Starts in the Heart"  EDITORIAL   Article
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"Star Phoenix, Saskatoon"  (Canada) 10 October 1985, by Gwen Dambrofsky, "Calgarian struggles to get film in theatres"   Article
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 9 October 1985, by Gwen Dambrofsky, "Budding filmmaker has that Winning spirit"    Article
"Edmonton Journal" (Canada) 20 September 1985, by: John Dodd, "A kid takes movie making by storm"    Article
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) August 1985, by: Fred Haeseker, "Storm A Winner on All Fronts" Article
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"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 7 October 1983, by: Fred Haeseker, "Shooting Ends on Local Movie"    Article
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"Alberta Report" (Canada) 31 August 1979, by: Dunnery Best, "Making Movies on The Cheap"
"Calgary Herald" (Canada) 17 August 1979,by: Joy-Ann Cohen "Wanted: Script Writers and Producers"    Article    PHOTO